Givenchy Arctic Gray Padded Sneakers

We know what you are going to say : Really for winter. Then allow us to retork that good design has no season unless you take the concept a little too far. Exemple yes, the new Gevenchy Arctic Gray Padded Sneakers will be hard to wear with prestige and candeur at the beach this summer, but it can perfectly feat the enless night by the fire on that same bitch, wouldn’t you agree Givenchy, who as lately produced  a range of products containing a floral motif, have gone Louboutin it seems by coming up with this high top  minimalist design with their Arctic Gray Padded Sneaker. Made in Italy, featuring paneling throughout, round toe, double adjustable buckle strap at the shoe face and ankle, white metal buckles and an oversized tongue, this is a choice we are seriously thinking about making at sparks !


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