Future Feminsm-The moon, the pope and transgeders by Antony Hegarty

First of all let me say that Cut the world, the new album of Antony and the Johnson , is to me among the 2012 best album reminding me of one of my favorite album of 2011, Metals by one of my favorite songwriter today Feist.  The quiet and heavy emotion born from the mix in between unusually developed arrangements and a songwriting on a quest for the soul left me with an over excited feeling of  beauty, sparks , dirty skills and amazing music. Lost somewhere into the beauty of the record I then came across the track Future Feminism.

With tenderness, Antony Hegarty has to me stepped into a very closed world of artist being in a position where they have to make both their position loud and clear, urged by the need to lay down some truth. The only one I can really think of in term of singers is the queen herself Nina Simone, who has spoken up every time she felt the need to on stage . But on a record, that it about the strongest and most descent move I have seen in years. So what is it about. Talking about the moon, Antony ends up talking about being a transgender and homosexual in our world today and more personally about how his perception. It is touching, smart, structured, funny and more honest than the entire music industry, so listen, and share share share both the album and the particular track 8


[audio:http://www.sparksforyourlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/02-Future-Feminism.mp3|titles=02 Future Feminism]

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