Frank Ocean Pyramids video and SNL live performance


















By now, you have all heard or at least read about the rising american artist Frank Ocean imposing a new style by reinventing his understanding of male singer today, getting out of the closet and releasing one of the most convincing album of New Soul in years. Well Mr Ocean has been pretty pretty busy over the weekend releasing a video of Pyramids done by no one else but the iconic music video director Nabil, and going on live at SNL with Thinkin’ about you ! Everythings sounds almost perfect from where I stand, now a question: I know I’ve said bad things about John Mayer, and will keep on saying worst things if he doesn’t change something about his songwriting but what the fuck is he doing in the dark on Frank Ocean’s side, It is still freaking John Mayer ! Come on ! So you see, besides that everything is pretty pretty good for a Monday



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