Focalpoint: The Package / Volume #4











As you know by now, Australia is to my standards giving us one of the strongest Bmx impulse, energy and talents in the world. Toda it is the Focalpoint Bmx Team (Focalpoint being a bmx magazine and shop from Melbourne) that is coming back to us with their fourth volume of the package, edit in which you ‘ll be able to come across Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Luke Vandenberg, Cooper Brownlee, Flagz, Sam Illman, Jack Kelly, Kym Grosser, Troy Charlesworth, Jamie Keating, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Phil Del Tito, Jack Elkins and Mick Bayzand. Yes I know, so it is under the sun of Melbourne that the whole crew has done its best to be part of the people who would inspire others. Feedbacks ?



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