Fiona Apple: “Werewolf”


As we all know 2012, is the year of the return of one of the most successful and passionnate and gifted songwriter I know about: Fiona Apple. Able to built songs like symphony she has somehow master the art of arranging and songwriting to define her very own world. With her new song Werewolf, Fiona Apple flirts t once again with the balance in between childhood and adult relationship.



When she first recorded the track in her mother’s apartment in Harlem, a battle scene in a movie was playing in the background.But aware that she could not use the sound of the movie she spent more than a year tracking down sounds that would come close
“But on the first morning we were planning to record, I had just gotten out of the shower and I heard all these kids screaming– there’s an elementary school across from my house in L.A. I was like, ‘Oh shit, that’s it.’ I threw on whatever was right there– which I didn’t realize at the time was a pair of pants that I was going to throw away because the ass was split– and I ran out, half-clothed, carrying my recording thing. I was standing there looking like a crazy person, watching these kids. They were jumping with balloons between their legs, trying to make them pop. In the actual song, we had to take out all the balloon pops because they sounded like gunshots. But it was so perfect.”


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