Faye – Water Against The Rocks



Ok, now that I have register that they’re was good music coming from the north and done by incredibly hot girls, I might just come down and get used to it. This time the artist is called Faye and comes from Stockholm. Though she does seem to take her role in front of the camera a little seriously the song is here, and woke the passion that was in me. With her latest visual and single Water Against the rocks and a upcoming up gig in London in june, Faye seems so far to be part of a generation of women defining them by just living their life and doing what they mean to. I know the statement can appear empty when said like that, but when I hear woman such as Feist Icona pop of Faye, I just see artist, women happy to live the life they live. And that a the least a pretty refreshing notion, isn’t it ? Let’s not loose  Faye out of sight, and lets start by pressing play.

Source: Pitchfork

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