Euh What ? David Lynch “Crazy Clown time” video










So, as we hear the top of the hype crowning David Lynch once again for the video of his track Crazy clown time we’d like to stop for a second. So first, yes for the ones who did not know, David Lynch has released an album as a singer songwriter called as well Crazy Clown Time. Now yes the video is funny and interesting but is it us or no one has listened to the music. It is unbearable ! Come on, What the F$$k?

In an industry where artist have to obey to so many rules to be able to be part of a media world, Mr Lynch comes has found a way to musically match the creepiness of his films (some that we love) and everyone is screaming to genius. The video itself is indeed interesting but if you really listen to that track alone and enjoy it…that might be the cue to change a few things around… even the sound !

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