Ellie Goulding goes Dark Chick flick- I know you care (video)















Far from the reckless jazz tunes I should care, we realize, if we had not before that Ellie Goulding has followed in less than 2 years by the book the rules of how to become a pop star in a few moves.  After opening the american market with songs alway kind of in between mainstream pop culture and artistic search, she threw herself at the heart of pop american culture with her track I know you care, soundtrack of Now is God, a movie about a young terminally ill leukemia patient (played by Dakota Fanning). But it is not because the topic is serious that the movie can’t be totally cheesy , you would be underestimating a whole lot of people by thinking so. But I have followed Ellie Goulding since a while and like what she does. Even in this non-defendable song, the songwriting is pretty clear and classic ballad with a feel of 2012. I know I am alone in my corner right now, but I will stand  !


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