Elgard’s Cello Concerto

As we have all woken up from disney world a long time ago, what leads to the greatest art produced, ideas or political decisions are never only great values and brave men. No sometimes, it is the lamest that leads to the greatest. Like some president getting a blowjob just before a diplomatic meeting and feeling suddenly quiet in peace with himself and the rest of the world. For the 61 years old english composer Edward Elgard (1857 / 1934) it is the removal of a tonsil and the sedatives ( the man was higher than R. Kelly apparently) that brought him to write the melody of the first movement of his now world famous cello concerto. Representing the strength of a man who just lived through the first world war, the psychological state of a man tired, full of disillusion for the human kind, this concerto is heartbreaking by its power of post romanticism … Because it is wildly know in the classical music world and because like any normal being I am in love  with the young Jaqueline Dupre ( the Ronaldo of cello), I wanted to share it with you, at least the first movement. Go get it on itunes, listen listen to it !

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