DJ Carnage – Teke Teke
















Ever since there where publishers, a long time before Tin Pan Alley, it became easier to know where the music is coming from. Still nothing seems top beat the fact that in our contemporary world not only we know the who the when and the how, but we understand it almost physically. The beginning of the house music in Nyc with the intensity of the gay community facing Aids to its highest level for example gives us a much more precise picture than we we speak about the nationalism of Wagner, partly due to the numerous wars of germany. In that, there is something I love about electro, even sonmetimes stranger because the music speaks to my body but my mind does not seem to be able to process all the influences. LA. based producer Dj Carnage with his latest track Teke Teke, seem to have reached this point where i am getting all sociological about the why and the how.

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