Cory Nastazio’s dirt Life- Is it worth it ?











Bmx dirt pro rider and half legend Cory Nastazio has been through a lifetime of Bmx, the good the bad, the high and the low, but has kind of vanished from sight for a while already. Caught in the speed of life, we almost forgot about the man, until yesteday when Tyla showed up with this video.  In a intimate country side morning meeting, appears a pretty intense man, looking like he is struggling with  ego and psychology and anger to actually not blow up. It is a really strange vibe. Explaining how he gave up everything to keep on riding, we can’t help but to ask. Is it worth it, because you sound pretty pissed and scary ? Is it worth is, isn’t bmx one of the best sports to represent a community, a group of people sharing ?

We know one of his best friend used to ride with him before his accident, but it looks like Cory has not let anyone field the friendly of the one who could hook him up back to the rest the world. We’re not really judging we’re just really worried and asking ourselves this simple question ? Is it worth it ?

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