Coldplay – Hurts Like Heaven

















What did you think ? Did you think you were going to escape watching the latest Colplay video. Well no ! You know there is problem in the matrix and from that result the fact that I can like here and there some Colplay songs, including most of their first album. I know, you can throw things, threaten to leave me, it ain’t gonna change, it’s a condition… you know. Latest incident in date,  their animated video for Hurts like Heaven. I know even the title is not acceptable, and their are dangerously flirting with a modern understanding of LSD Elton, known to the rest of the world as Sir Elton John, but I like it, it is driven, and definitely driving me… so lets play this Hurts like even, fifth single of their album and tour Mylo Xyloto from which they are about to release their first concert film.


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