Chris Bracamonte – Espn Edit: Really ?


The latest Edit of Mirraco Bikes Bmx rider Chris Bracamonte is about exactly the kind of edit that makes me want to break something. The rider is good and creative the filming is actually well done, but the editing and the music are close to a murder. What the… Why, explain me why after shooting great shots or a rider that has a lot to offer in term of creativity and energy, you decided to give to the video a sad 90’s street ambiance TV show vibe and the worst possible music. We are in 2012 !!! WAKE UP… The best thing that Chris should do, is fire the one who ended up producing such a bad outcome or if he did it himself, stop doing it. Can someone explain me why some seem to wanna be stuck in the 90’s (and that the nicest way to put it believe me) ? Because I start to grow tired of it. Don’t you ?


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