Brooklyn We Go Hard Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign

Because, more and more our marketing world is not using just images and commercial but artistic content in them,  since 2 yeas, the way the fashion world has been marketing itself has greatly improve. This being said, it is not because your commercial is pretty that we’re going to fall in love with the product. Specially if the commercial doe not make sense. It is the case of the new Brollklyn We go hard Spring / Summer 2012 Campaign.

First the video: Who are those men, whom smartly dressed travel the city only to see a view. We don’t know them, unless they all have been taking the same drug (that we won’t name) at a pretty strange party last night, and betted that the sun would turn green around 6 in the morning, what is the reason for those men to meet on top of a building ? We don’t buy your story. The mood set with the music and the silence is indeed beautiful but does not feet the product. Brooklyn parle français…then speak. From where we stand, it looks like a bunch a gicks aiming for the cool but unable to share their real lifestyle. The big writting on the shirts ( too big for our taste) does not live enough space for silence and poetry suggested by the mood of the video. Show us who you really are or don’t show up at all. Nope, sometimes it does look like Brands put things together without starting from their product or trying to make sense.

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