Breakbot featuring Irfane – One Out Of Two














I am going to say it as honestly as I feel it: it is about fucking time ! After featuring One out of tow on a french Tv show (Le Grand Journal) for last month of may and simply hiding the song since then, Ed Banger , you know (justice, Pedro Winter etc.) shows a smile on their face ” Hey , listen to this new track”…Wtf?  Anyway, Thibaul Bertrand aka Breakbot features works once again with Irfane (one of my favorite french singer) in a Irina Dakeva directed film featuring Parisian model Alka Balbir, on the french riviera what else do you want ? 1 out of 2 is available on Itunes and beware that Breakbot debut album By your side is coming out next week on Itunes again . Until then try to wisely use the song mixed to the last rays on the summer sun to dance a little and smile.


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