Bobby Womack- Whatever happened to those times

One thing Bobby Womack did not need back in the days, is a com agency because the times where different, people would listen to the music in a different way more open to art itself than to the image. Because the image is source of money and business, our contemporary society went back to its past to reinvent the cool in much more marketable way. However, from those times a few music giants are still alive, and Bobby Womack is one them

And that is why we curious about the release of a new album which so far has not convinced me at all with the weak release of a duet with Lana Del Rey and now a video straight back from the 60’s. There are 2 reasons why you would be intersted by a release of Bobby Womack today. THe first is the fact that you tenderly would like to know how he feels and how he is doing. But from this visual you will get a chance to see the man. The second reason is that you believe that maybe, Bobby Womack has been follow what went down for the last 30 years and found a sound that he believes is necessary. You will find that either in that new song. So ? So because it is Bobby Womack let’s wait and see. But so far, noooo reason to get over excited.

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