Bobby Womack featuring Lana Del Rey – Dayglo Reflection


When the icon of generation, the genius songwriter Bobby Womack teams up with an artist that made her fame out of a song she stole from someone else aka Lana del Rey what happens. Well first of all I fall of my chair and try to find all the reasons in the world of why I live in a world where Bobby wants to sing with Lana. Then I get back on my chair and press play. From his  27th studio album The Bravest Man In The Universe, which is due for a June 11 release via XL Recording here is Dayglo Reflection. A nice song on which someone obviously did put the wrong drum track a) hoping to sound somewhere in between Stevie Wonder and a Young money entertainment prod. b) forgetting to check to see if he had put the right drum track .

In any case, I am still curious as Bobby Womack’s voice is a touching as ever, closer to a melodic range far from the bases of the rest of his career.

Source: hypetrack

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