BMXing #counts: An @NikeNYC minute with Nigel Sylvester












We will never point out how much the career of a rider such as Nigel Sylvester is important to the rest of the Bmx world. Why is that ? Because he is among the rare famous bmx rider to have been able to take Bmx outside of its world , motivated other gifted professionals in the world of music (Farrell Williams) or video to develop the image of a contemporary urban bmx rider existing inside of community. What we mean, is that in term of aestheti, Nigel Sylvester has been able to motivate the right people and to release the classiest edit. Fan and rider Albert Ocampo (@smoovebert) got the chance to earn NikeFuel shredding through the streets of NYC with Nigel Sylvester. Are you ready for some heavy style ?

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