Azealia Banks – Liquorice


While playing Liquorice the new music video of NYC rising star Azealia Banks I released that the outcome of my perception had been poisoned way long before the release of the video itself. In the quest of the new, of the fresh, of the next, it seem that media break the essence of the new by turning a new born into a Giant, a man into a god and a woman into into a goal, when really, it is mainly people doing things. Sometimes great, and of course it feels good to discover something new that has power to wake us up. But why pretending it is more than what it seems ?


One can not become the new queen of style with one release, it is a long run, with talent and mistakes. But since everything has to be eaten to the bone, each new artist is the new star, the only thing that should matter, putting him or her in an impossible position of being exceptional when there are sometimes just aiming to be. Well that is how i felt while listening to Azealia Banks who traded the simple and the raw, for a cow boy outfit and a Tarantino vibe. The flow is here, though I can hear most of it eaten by the music, but lets say I’m gonna wait a few more song to see where this is going

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