Azealia Banks – 1991














As September seem to have definitely stepped in with a whole lot of you going back to work still smiling about the summer, you know it is also going to be a time where each industry is going to tell you how much they care for your comfort and your happiness… you know I mean. Well the music industry is not going to fail to its september issue, and as August has been pretty quiet, here we are with, the (in my head) controversial  Azelia Banks.  I know controversial is a big word and many like to use it as positive adjective meaning ” look, they actually said something”. But her what is controversial to me, is the size of her ego ! I am not going to just write mean things about it, i can just say them out loud , but will remain an interesting case as long as Azealia Banks will be able to share her talent as well.

This new track 1991, celebrating in the states Labor week end, Alealia Banks releases the video of 1991 Ep, taking us back in a 90’s aesthetic with for the first in a long time, a clear House vibe. And that is where it gets interesting, because the track is interesting. So share you thoughts or dance to sound !

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