Apotheosis: Ralph Pucci for Nowness

It is true that we seem to forget, that outside the fashion world, when it comes down to a costumer in a store, Mannequin are often the only way to see how a clothe falls on a body, but they also can be more. Mannequin creator Ralphe Pucci under the eyes of filmmakers Nick Sweeney and Aaron Peasley, talks about his professional experience of Mannequin creator, unfolding  30 years of work of elevating simple figures from shop window clothershorses into works of art. When it comes down to it,  making the best out what we have is what people with heart choose to do, and transforming a craft into an art, is what people with direction do. Follow Ralph Pucci , for a short and singular tale that Nowness has produced with a unique quality as always.


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