Angel Haze- Sh*t I don’t like (Freestyle)

















When she is not on twitter apparently Angel Haze is in a studio recording and her latest video Sh*t I don’t like drop  (on Chief Keef’s” I don’t like” instrumental) is pretty pretty heavy. In term of content, of lyrics, in this free style ,  Angel Haze goes for the classic ” I ma define myself by criticizing the rest ” leading to a little too much ego.  But the flow is mean, the attitude is still new, in this new brand of angry artists from the start. Hoping she will not catch the ” Stalley disease ” anytime soon, she belongs to a new type of men but specially woman artist reacting visual and in words to the fact that woman have been nothing but sex object in the rap and hip-hop world for over 2 decades now. Press play… and seat before.


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