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I have already spoken about Angel Haze a few times, because she brings some fresh and mean to the game of hip-hop, underground symbol of a generation where woman are more in the mood of fighting back the oppression of being used than trying to stick to the role of nice little girlfriend, Angel Haze is not someone you want to have an argument with. She has the urge and the hunger to express a manhood way to be a woman. In my very own standards, I somehow understand that there are no revolution with flowers (unless you’re in Boston) and that the extreme are necessary to a change.

Now the question is where is she going to go. Because pretty close from Azealia Banks that everyone (including me) worshiped for her 212 track that slap about everyone with an ear,  Angle Haze might have seen that the more ego than music leads to emptiness.  And let me tell u that Angel Haze has a pretty fucking big ego, bringing it into the music. That the part I am less comfortable with, the fucking ugliness of the ego rap. Still, because she has talent she is able to transform the good and the bad, things i like and dislike into music. For her latest she aimed for the queen herself of women hip hop artist : Missy Elliot.  Using the Timbaland production that he did on Gossip Folks ( with the memorable sample of Frankie Smith), Angel Haze gave her version of  “I am here bitches” some like that. Press play, it does hurt a little. And since it is part of mixtape, Classick , go and listen as well.



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