A non-rebel without a cause Alicia Keys- Girl on Fire

















I knew it and you knew it, Alicia Keys was not going to be one the artist who would look for a more artistic turn of her career. When she once claimed to be looking deep in her soul for something that only belonged to her, hoping to rise global consciousness on feminism and talent in the music business, she flipped. Since I am not Perez Hilton neither Alicia’s friend I will not try to give you some lame explanation on her personal life, though I’d like to point out the fact that founding a family with one of the worst and most successful producer around Swizz Beats, is a good symbol of her direction.  After giving us a good 10 years of pretty impressive shows with an insane energy, and a strange balance in between the true search of a new style and the ability to feet in the billboard, she lost it, After a leave of absence, to get a chance to live a little the ex-queen comes back with the most uninspired song possible, lyrics close to the IQ of a disney character with oooowowowo and more woowowoows and ? A girl on fire.

Obviously, the nicest thing I could say about Mrs Keys today is that she is a non-rebel without a cause. And if you want me to go there, I would say that I find pretty sad the fact that Alicia keys put herself in a position where we expected things of her, things we can rarely expect from people because not everyone has her talent. We were hoping that she would feel both supported and responsible in front of the task that was awaiting her: Help this black american songwriting to find its shape in today’s world. But not she chose otherwise, stucked in her emotional abstract cliches she is today a girl on fire…



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