The Tom Penny Overture by Supra










“If Tom Penny ever started skating Vert full time, we all might as well retire”Tony Hawks. Part of the Skateboard history, 34 years old english rider Tom Penny has seen it all and is still around. From the beginning of the 90’s when he became 3rd at the Ik Championships Contest at Radlands when he was 15, to the Flip SKateboards Company who took him from England to Huntington Beach, California. After 4 years shining on the u.s. scene, Tom Penny leaves west coast for France and Spain. Somehow, their is a rawness about the man, something powerful that might be able to destroy the man himself. But today, far from his demons the man is back on the scene with one of the tightest brand around : Supra in the South of France. And It is good to see that some man are able to come back from the hardest time with a young heart.


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