Reebok: “Prequel To A Classic” (FULL VERSION)

In its need to renew itself, Reebok launched a new project: We R Classic. Built as a global nexus for creativity and collaborations in between , artists, dancers, designers, they have decided to be part of this new way of understanding the world of business.

I remember a few years back I was having a discussion with a music producer who, after a few drinks explained to me that the world would never be able to live without artists. What he did not seems to see is that the world had decided to redefine what was an artist, fusing a creative mind, a brand and action under this word of artist. That is how we came to a world were Brands are today renewing. themselves as pusher and producers of artistic creativity. And that is how people like Swizz Beatz are today teaming up with Rebook Classics to produce parties such as the one at the Nyc’s Espace for Reethym of lite. The video, directed by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson ( both working for R+I creative) and called ” Presquel to a classic” provides an exclusive look into Swizz Beatz’s understanding of craft (passion, rythm, classic song) as well as his thoughts on longevity in the entertainment business. Tell me how you feel about the whole game.


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