Pepsi Icon Music Commercial

Here comes Pepsi playing it the old 80’s way, with a new uplifting commercials “Music Icons”. Celebrating their own music history, which includes the likes of Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Ray Charles and Mariah Carey, the Brand sounds to me like an old dude trying to make its move on a young girl with magic trics and old jokes.

Because in fact, even though I like the commercial I wonder, how uncreative can a international company can be in term of message. Are they trying to say: We’re still here, in the corner, and we used to be great” ?. Are they trying to say ” you bought it 30 years ago why not now?” ? Or are they trying to say ” We could not come up with something new, we know you are going through hard time, but it is not really concerning us right now” ? But no, they are trying to say who’s next ? You mean like nothing happened in music since Kanye ? I can think of a whole lot of people….
Just saying …

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