Palladium & Pharrell Williams in Tokyo

Founded in 1920 to make tires for the aviation and become a leader in their field, Palladium, (from which I had not heard in a while I must say) switched to making Footwear after the World War II in the South of France. But somehow, most of the oldest brand do not like to play the history card unless it does relate to the 60’s which besides being the most exciting period of global culture, is also the most sellable period in which people were supposed to be cool, listening to good music, fighting for freedom, and dressing with style…really ?

Anyhow, Palladium is today trying to renew his name, brand and spirit by posting itself as an discoverer, traveller…And guess what ? They have convinced Pharrell Williams to be part of the game. Yes Pharrell Williams is the “If I’m cool, you’re cool” boss, and gets often hired just for that… I’m notr trying to say anything bad, just the man sells his aura…anyhow, this time the man is cool in Tokyo, Japan. And don’t get me wrong, because he is cool. But it is also intersting to have a look at Japan after a beginning of the year close to an armageddon… The video shown is the trailer of this upcoming documentary which will have a full video release on September 1st.

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