MOMENTS at MADE I CHAPTER TWO with Erykah Badu, Jaybo & Miki

As we have shared with you a few Months ago, In the Spring of 2011, the berliner creative space Made had invited composer and violinist Miki, painter Jaybo and performer Aloe Blacc to work together. But the project did not stop there since they’ve invited Soul Diva Erika Badu to create along side Miki and Jaybo another body of co-creation. What felt at first really spontaneous, looks a little beat like a unperfect repetition of an event that actually got a lot of success.

What is interesting though, is that the Made Space has done a little film this time, giving us a chance to discover both painter and composer. Now the truth is that, I have never heard a convincing description of the true motivation and the creative process of artist interacting together. I have often liked the result but felt often equally uncomfortable listen to fake intellectual and reflection thoughts about the how and why. Tell me what you think.


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