Here Comes The Neighborhood

Here Comes The Neighborhood is a short from Docuseries exploring the power of Public Art and innovation to uplift and revitalize urban community. Produced by Ben Solomon and directed by Jenner Furst, the impulse seem to have come from noticing the work of artist such as Tony Goldman whom in 2009 partnered with Jeffrey Deitch (Deitch Projects Soho and now director of MoCa Los Angeles) to create the Wynwood Walls. What began with a series of parking lots, loading docks, and drab rundown factory buildings, became a curation of high caliber murals from Futura, Shepard Fairey, OS Gemeos, Kenny Scharf and others. Each episode is accented by images from legendary Documentary Photographer Martha Cooper, who has been capturing The Walls since they began in 2009. Her Photographs will also appear in a Special Edition Art Book “The Wynwood Walls and Doors” set to be released at Art. Driven, by the belief that everything still can change, and that we still can affect this world by our actions, the project pushes you to get up and to dream and act again, are you ready?

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