Hawleywood’s Barbershop


Highlighted by Dickies in its Workwear Session, Hawleywood’s Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor is as Old School as it gets in term of bringing backthe spirit and values of the first barber shops in Donnie Hawley and his crew offer the cleanest haircut you can get in the Southern California.
This is the original men only, period correct 1940’s style shop that specializes in the hot towel, straight razor shaves and the high and tight haircuts like the Full Back High Pomp, Slick Back, Johnson Boogie, Hawleywood Puff, Old Fashioned Taper, The Waterfall, Flat Top, Mohawk and Medium Taper with a Part.
It’s about making your job an art style and a lifestyle. Sounds like a place I wanna go, don’t you ?


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