Dior 001 by Atelier Ted Noten

The Amsterdam based Atelier Ted Noten which since 2005 exclusively focusses on Jewellery creation has recently released the ” Dior 001″ gun that is part of a larger serie entitled “7 necessities for a women to feel like a woman through the eyes of a man”.
Finally someone heard my prayers ! The weapon of beauty discreetly hides an antique hairpin, lipgloss, medicine, a USB stick with ‘secret information’, a 100 gram sterling silver bar. other products in the ‘7 necessities…’ series include sunglasses, a bag, bionic arm piece, shawl and more. the firearm is made from a 3D printed nylon body with 18 carat gold details executed through traditional goldsmithing methods. Confidence is rising up pretty quicly here. The selection of new work are presented by Ornamentum Gallery on the occasion of the Design Miami/Basel (Switzerland) from the 13th to the 18th. I can’t wait ….


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