David Lynch x Dom Pérignon by Gavin Elder

Come on , we all know film maker David Lynch, whom has been able to creep us as much as make us dream over  three decades with movies such as Mulholland Drive, or Blue Velvet. Well If you don’t it is time to watch those two movies at least. So,only the second artist alive , after Karl Lagerfeld to have shot a compaign for the luxury Champagne House Dom Perignon, David Lynch first went to the source of the inspiration, the Abbey of Hautvilliers (France), place where Dom Pierre Perignon first combined wines to craft perfect blends in the 17th century. Filmaker  Gavin Elder was allowed to follow the iconic film maker , from France into the creation  of the commercial in a L.A. studio…The project is brough to us by the amazing website Nowness.


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