Bruno Chaussignand : Glasses

At a time where the sun seems to have remembered the way to Paris ( I’m not going to talk about London cause I have to stay polite) an existential question pops in the parisisian mind : Which sunglasses am I gonna wear.

While I was discretely abusing a few gin’s and tonic, Axelle came to meet me with the stunning pair of glasses : “Bruno Chaussignand my dear” she said…and I feel in love all over again. Hand-made french frames, each piece polished for three days, with natural materials keeping you safe from potential allergy risks lacquer is never applied in the process, and original schemes, those glasses made me want to be a pair of sunglasses. So since all the retailers I heard about are in London, If Saturday afternoon you see a beautiful woman wearing some Bruno Chaussignand Glasses, yes, it’s me !




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