Ashland East Indian Rosewood by Shwood


I can hear too many of you everytime i start to make any reference to a product or an action involving me talking about a forest. Yes, I have been outside of a city before, and I have walking in a forest before.And guess what, it’s beautiful, cause a lot of ideas come out of those forest, like the Eyewear Brand Shwood.

Claiming for creativity, and environmental consciousness, the portland based brand, Schwood makes wooden glasses, using famous designs such as the wayfarers Ray Ban. The pair that caught my eye ( i know) is the aviator-inspired modeling of the Ashland. Offered in East Indian Rosewood and Zebrawood and coupled with polarized lenses, the Ashland falls into a attractive simplicity, still reminding me of the stylish pilots of the 90’s… just saying.

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