Agent Provocateur – Fleurs du Mal video

Founded by the son of Vivienne Westwood, John Corré and his today ex-wife Serena Ress in 1994,  Agent Provocateur is a British Lingerie Retailer that has been able to give itself a little less gentle and yet none vulgar attitude . With a “controversial” Kylie Minogue Advert in 2001 , the brand became the lingerie of celebrities. Let’s stop here for a second, today, sunday morning I want to preach… Why wouldn’t I ? Why is it that everytime that anybody specially brands, flirt with the idea of sex, the rest of the world write or says ” Oh my God, it is so controversial !
Why is sex controversial, and I am not even talking about porn, because I could. But no, why is it that anything involving, not showing but suggesting the idea of sex is so cool and controversial ? Is this world lacking of creativity, emotions, dream, and hope so much that just the idea of sex is unbelievably free. Wake up people, we live in a sexual world, and even though the world of Ethics is lead today by a bunch of lying, prude bitches, we all have a sexual life ( Don’t rise your hand if you don’t). So where is the controversial when a lingerie brand does a hot, sexual, sensual commercial ? Is it because of the image of woman ? Because if it is, it is way more honest here, and in a frame than most of the adds I see showing you the a nipple or an but for a toothpaste commercial… So Fleur du Mal is the new campaign of Agent Provocateur for their Soirée Collection 2011/2012 , it is well done, hot and directed by Justin Anderson.

Agent Provocateur ‘Fleurs Du Mal’ from BOLD on Vimeo.

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