A Shaded view on Fashion Film by Diane Pernet

In a world wear pictures, even more than world, control more and more people’s mind, inviting them to think, to act, to buy, to fall into standards and prepared concepts, the world of fashion has only been gaining from this evolution. Renowned fashion critic and audiovisual journalist living in Paris, Diane Pernet has been part of this world of photos, by bringing to the world some of the most iconic athmospheres of the New York fashion world of the 80′s with her photos. But, being a witness maybe was enough at such a baroque time, but today, where creativity seems to drown in the noise of quantity, Diane Pernet has decided to step up and to create ” A Shaded View on Fashion”, blog on fashion where she would be looking for the new voices of tomorrow’s creativity.

In 2008, Diane launched the first wold’s fashion film festival, understanding how much the video had to offer to this world. Presented in several cities worldwide ” A Shaded View on Fashion” (ASVOFF), including New York, London, Tokyo, Moscow, Mexico City, Perth, Paris, and in the film festival in Cannes has won critical support from major actors of the fashion world. For the first time, from the 24th until the 27th of January 2012, Barcelona will host this event in Spain, to be held in CaixaForum.


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