A day with Zombie boy by Inked Magazine- Yes or No ?

Okay, we need to think this through: As the Inked Magazine (tatoo, culture and fashion magazine) found a second life in 2007 with new owner Donald Hellinger, new artistic director Todd Weinberger and new editor Jason Buhmester, they have released a video untitled a day with Zombie boy, you know the model of the Dermablend commercial we showed you a few days ago. And It is t time to ask this question: In what world do we live if a few tatoos make you famous ? Like famous ?

As you know, and this is often my answer, it is more complicated if you actually mean to think about it. At first when I see the guy, like most of the people 2 words pop in my mind : Cool and Creep, which is funny if you just say ” Cool creep”. Then I think of it.  Since our world exist, in societies, we have had people know for their looks, I don’t mean famous people, I mean popular recognizable people: From the tallest to the smallest man in the village, from the only black woman in town to the most painted warrior in a tribe etc…But most of those people did not choose to be know because of their looks , they were just born like it, so what do you make of the one who choose it …. It does say : I need attention, and that makes me feel awkwardly distant from the subject. But there is something else to it: If  Zombie Boy is know it also because , first , he is wearing a real piece of art (don’t even think about it) and second of all it is because this piece of art that he is wearing is contemporary. His tattoos are actually representing a precise esthetic of our time. We do seem to have been obsessed with skulls in the last decade ( I mean me the first) as the only way to let death enter our consciousness, so I think Zombie boy has kind of drawn the impossible limit to cross. So there is nothing new to what it does, it is interesting at a cultural, general level, but somehow creepy at a private level….At the end of the day the reason why, i find him and is action to tattoo himself that way is because it is a powerful choice to make. One that means a precise involvement of the subject in the choice… yes, no ?

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