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James Vincent McMorrow – CAVALIER // BARCELONA // 2015

Within the last 2 years, the world music folk has seen among others the rise of James Vincent Mcmorrow. He is not a king, he is not a prince, he is with it attitude somehow someone more humble than royal blood. Something of a pilgrim on quest like Herman Hesse’s…

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Nick Bullen in Texas, Subrosa team

With it’s soulful music and black and white edits, Subrasa has made it choices to built a unique energy in the BMX world. And though everything is interesting technical and well done, it has been lacking of urge and suprises in it’s riders edits. Pro rider Nick Bullen is the…



If everyone has gone mad with 70’s Levi’s Vintage Clothing took it a little further in the XXth century by going for an early 60’s influenced Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook. With a menswear and womenswear trip to “Bowl-O-Rama.” Levi’s stays as always close to its youth finding the bridge to adulthood….

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The Psychedelic and Bizarre World of iLoveMakonnen – Episode 7

Noisey has been exploring for a while the biggest impact in the american music industry production for the last decade: Trap music. To do so they went to the source, Atlanta. In the 7th Episode we follow Vice correspondent Thomas Morton involved with the artist iLoveMakonnen, representing the indie side…

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“Winter Wakeskate Wonderland” featuring Brian Grubb

Pionneer of wakeskating, meaning skateboarding on water, Red Bull’s athlete Brian Grubb has built so far a life of challenges and adventure that could not get unoticed. From the phillipines to Wisconsin, like anything other sliding athlete looking for the right spot, Brian Grubb looks for ways to reinvente his…


Olow / Saint-Nazaire FW 2014 (fashion)

Silent about fashion for a while, because concerned to owe to myself an answer when it comes to the limits of the importance of fashion, and its relationship to branding, I am still able to recognize honesty and commitment when it is presented to me. Small menswear french clothing brand…


Would You Fight For My Love? – Jack White

It was only yesterday seating at some table in a restaurant, I was trying to draw to my audience the fact that today’s multiplicated ways of communations, creating a constant stream of informations and stimulis to each one of us, has a real impact on what we believe to be…

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iDiots – Our Dystopian present

The most creative video I have seen lately is to me about the self critism of our hysteric behavior as consumer, happily burrying the basic concept of planned obsolescence to be able to enjoy the joys of branding and marketing at its best. It comes from a 3D studio from…

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Jamie xx – “All Under One Roof Raving”

After remixing , mixtaping around the work of his old school friends The xx, Jamie Smith aka Jamie xx quickly started to remix for other artists. Today  internationally reknown, Jamie xx learns to work within a wide range of music vocabulary going as mainstream as Alicia Keys with whom he…

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Fox We Live | Drew Bezanson – The Next Thing

By now you probably know that canadian pro BMX rider Drew Bezanson is one of the wildest creative rider on the scene today, and that I have been ecstatic from the first time I saw him riding, Over the last 2 years, from the first indoors videos Drew Bezanson has…