For the second release of their Spring/Summer collection Married to the Mob  went pretty hard and pretty bold finding the right tone not to end up in a full white trash mood, and believe me it takes skills. Modeled by Sarah McSweeney, a tee dress, oversized scoop necks,  tie front T-shirt, and killing bathing suits It will take attitude or youth to wear those.  Here are my favorite pics, obviously check the collection at Married to the Mob eshop. See below



While america is more agitated and moving than ever by going from the rebirth of modern consumerism  to civil rights struggles , cultural expressivity leading to the second most exiting artistic era of the 20th century, the music world keeps and keeps on creating, what will soon become classics, genres and movements. Among those many movement somewhere in Oklahoma in a town called Tulsa a group a musician among which JJ Cale and Leon Russell is creating a new sound. Read more and watch.



One of the most powerful tool to define yourself is through actions. When it comes to a group of people the ensemble of those actions make what we call history. History in that regard is the most useful tool to define really what was and was not. Of course it can be objective, facts can be argued etc… but the base is here. In a world where marketing has taken and transformed over and over again what street culture is, the chance to get to the source of the impulse since to get thiner. In 1966 in Montreal, a young director named Claude Jutra made one of the world’s first skateboarding films, The Devil’s Toy, with just a shoulder-mounted camera and a bunch of kids on boards. The National Film Board of Canada has used Jutra’s groundbreaking film as the inspiration for a new global online experience, The Devil’s Toy Redux, launching April 30. In The Devil’s Toy Redux, the original film takes its place alongside 11 new short films by directors from around the world, all inspired by the Jutra classic. The   official website will allow users to navigate from one film to the next and witness the evolution of skate culture across the globe through a multiplicity of lenses, as skateboarders, filmmakers, web developers and designers all share their unique points of view. How is that for a piece of history? Watch trailer…

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It seems that today you are no one if you don’t hang with King Pharrell. I do have a lot to say on the topic but you know my virtuous ways, I am going to skip to the moment where we get to see Nigel Sylverster (which I have said now many times has and still is an amazing ambassador of our BMX world in other spheres) is taking some time to seat down with Pharrell Williams to talk about the BMX culture all this under the organisation of Red Bull… you don’t have to sing along just watch and relax.



It is today a beautiful lookbook by a small french clothing brand called Olow that arises one of the most asked yet interesting question of branding a lifestyle: the coherence of its limits. By wanting to develop a more environmental awareness in their action, (by staying for exemple within the limits of  Europe for production , which obviously has a cost) Olow attends to built an ora of men nourishing both their relationship to themselves as well as to nature. Read more & watch



If a good 6 years ago  the movie industry was celebrating more than ever the end of a relationship with what we use to call  ”The art of Cinema” by loudly choosing industry over art, the explosion of american and english tv shows, bringing a new era of creativity has somehow had in unexpected  impact on this very same movie industry . Of course far from a mass movement is the movement of each individuals adding to my introduction sentense a lot of nuances. Movie writer and director Spike Jonze for exemple has mainly been building an independent body of work involving himself in all kind of projects.  The nature of the project does not prove the quality of it , but it gives a frame and a direction. His latest movie “Her” is for met, the loudest 2013 example that the history of cinema can still be written.  Directed and written by himself, Spike Jonze has chosen the unique talent of Joaquin Phoenix to play the role of a lonely creative writer developing a relationship with a purchased operating system. Read more & watch …



As I have been writing here and there about branding, ethics and fashion, it is now clear that each capital is today equipped with its crowd of more or less creative designers able to pin down a style  accurately expressing the way they live. From this impulse, as it can seem superficial to anyone not into the topic, I believe that fashion has a big role to play in term of us being able to live together today and tomorrow as its underrated social impact is much more important  that people might want to believe. As many questions shape the world of fashion, one of the question for exemple touches to one of the core quesitons of our occidental modern societies: the definition of a man. How to be help men today to be as expressive without breaking silent boundaries of manhood, or clearly stating  that the clothes they wear are made for someone who consciously belongs to a niche. And that how I discovered Jupe by Jackie.

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If the 1% is getting richer the 99% is getting more and more creative by the hour. If you don’t agree with my cheap statement have a look at the development of the sharing economy which seems to be recreating a bound that has been broken more and more since the end of the second world war in European country especially. Within the multiplication of new companies focussing on exciting project is the French peer to peer  currency exchange company Weeleo.




Though it seems that i am slowly drifting away from the street wear my love for a brand that aims to be coherent  with what it stands for remains strong. In that regard watching the latest Nixon’s Lookbook, it was clear to me that brands nowday are trying to describe not only the validity of their product but the validity of the chain reaction. Read more and Watch…



As I have been slowly finding my way back to a certain sense in term of beauty, values and qualities, it is with a clear look on my own taste that I have to let go like everyone of the presence of Claudio Abaddo. I won’t get more dramatic than I have been already as I had no personal connection with the man. But in this world, in the world where we quickly forget about people unless their image can help sell, ( such can be said of about the resurrection of a Keith Harring or a Basquiat), I still want to take a moment to acknowledge the fact that someone has spent his life creating beauty. Making choices and creating beauty I would say. As the maestro spent a lot of his life with Mahler’s music allow me…


  For the second release of their Spring/Summer collection Married to the Mob  went pretty hard and pretty bold finding the right tone not to end up in a full white trash mood, and believe me it takes skills. Modeled by Sarah McSweeney, a tee dress, oversized scoop necks,  tie front T-shirt, and killing bathing suits [...]