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Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper – Baby Blue

It is and will always be complicated to answer to anyone bringing up Ghostface Killah while we talk about Action Bronson. But, if everyone keeps an open mind it would give a chance to more than old school timer that there is more to Action Bronson than a white replicated…

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DECOBMX in Arizona Terry Adams Chad DeGroot 2015

As it seems the initial idea from Stephigherfoundation, (a foundation working on creating safe environements for the development of our youth) was to raise money for a local skatepark, school, food bank, and keeping people active. Everything started to get more hit the day Redbull BMX flatland pro rider Terry…

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Soundmaker Serie : Vinyl Culture and Analog Production by Adrian Younge

As I have been digging into the the concept of songwriters vs soundmakers, I have luckily come across one of the most rescent Nowness short documentarty about sound. Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Younge has been over the years, recognised as one of the artists to fight against the slow…


Inherent Vice, a film by Paul Thomas Anderson

Inherent Vice is the new film of Paul Thomas Anderson, film based on a novel written by american novelist Thomas Pynchon. If Thomas Pynchon is known for a his complex structure and multiples story. A full critic of the movie would be to me here almost impossible by the amount…

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Matt Priest Californication

The move was to predict. After a while, one might get a little tired of the english weather, even if he is english. Probably one too many video of nonchalant BMX rider under the sun has also pushed SourceBMX and Verde BMX rider over the edge. Non the less the…

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Songwriter or Sound Maker Serie: Jimmy Hendrix

It is no secret to anyone that over the the 20th century music has become, over the 20th century, an industry. Behind this statement only, confusing inuendos have been made over and over. For exemple, way before music was an industry, it was already a business. If you pay attention…

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Kanye West seats down with Clique

French Tv show Clique hosted by educated music host Mouloud Achour did the smart move to seat down with Kanye West under the angle of what has been more and more a point of focus for the artist : fashion. Shot in the APC creator Jean Touati and joined by…

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iSHi – Push It (Official Video) ft. Pusha T

Swedish producer Ishi has been pretty busy in the last few years, making his way into the music business by working with artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Tinie Tempah or Emelie Sande. Making track, finding a way through products and music Ishi has been lately working with with rap artist…

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Feinding BMX in Barcelona

Here is an Edit that will make you feel things, that will take you somewhere because each rider seems to have in here a taste for precisness and action. After a while it comes down to what you do and what you don’t and Feind BMX has obviously a team…

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Lee Musselwhite BMX Flatland Master for Addict

A current 2x UK Flatland Champion & Guinness World Record Holder who competes and performs shows at the highest level all over the world,the professional BMX rider Lee Musselwhite is not just a poster boy on bike. He is the real deal and the man that the streetwear fashion brand…